Navigating your child's psychological report can be overwhelming, but with expert guidance and support you can gain valuable insights into your child's strengths, challenges, and needs.

Beyond the Psych

As a result of our consultation process, parents can effectively understand and interpret psychological reports by:

Reviewing the Purpose and Components of the Report
  • Helping parents break down the different components of the report, such as the assessment tools used, assessment results, interpretations, and recommendations.

Clarifying Terminology and Jargon
  • Psychological reports often contain technical terminology and jargon that may be unfamiliar to parents. Take the time to explain these terms in simple, understandable language.

  • Provide examples and real-life scenarios to illustrate how these concepts relate to their child's behaviors and abilities.

Highlighting Strengths and Areas of Concern
  • Emphasize the importance of recognizing and celebrating their child's strengths, as identified in the report. This can help instill confidence and optimism in parents.

  • Discuss the areas of concern or challenges identified in the report in relation to the whole child, not just academic strength or weakness. Help parents understand that these areas are not indicative of their child's worth, but rather areas where additional support and intervention may be beneficial.

Interpreting Assessment Results
  • Guide parents through the assessment results, explaining what each score or finding represents in terms of their child's abilities and functioning.

  • Help parents understand the significance of any discrepancies or patterns observed in the assessment results, and how these may impact their child's learning and development.

Explaining Interpretations and Recommendations
  • Discuss the psychologist's interpretations of the assessment findings, including any diagnostic impressions or hypotheses about the child's strengths and challenges.

  • Review the recommendations provided in the report, such as accommodations, interventions, or referrals to other professionals. Help parents understand the rationale behind these recommendations and how they can be implemented to support their child's needs.

Encouraging Questions and Seeking Clarification
  • Encourage parents to ask questions and seek clarification on any aspects of the report that are unclear or confusing.

  • Offer reassurance that it's normal to feel overwhelmed or uncertain when reviewing complex information, and that seeking clarification is an important part of the process.

Facilitating Collaboration and Next Steps
  • Emphasize the importance of collaboration between parents, educators, and other professionals in implementing the recommendations outlined in the report.

  • Help parents identify concrete action steps they can take to support their child's needs, such as seeking additional evaluations, accessing support services, or advocating for accommodations at school.

psych report consultation,psych report parent collaboration
psych report consultation,psych report parent collaboration

Our approach

By providing clear explanations, support, and guidance, parents can feel more empowered and informed when navigating psychological reports on their children, ultimately enabling them to make well-informed decisions and advocate effectively for their child's well-being and success.

psych report consultation,psych report empowered parents
psych report consultation,psych report empowered parents
psych report consultation,psych report special education
psych report consultation,psych report special education

Prioritize building a collaborative relationship with parents.


Ensure that parents are Empowered.


Integration and insights from psychology and special education.

We Can Help

We can help you better understand your child's psych report, how their profile impacts school, family dynamics and life, and be able to help you better prepare for the next school meeting.

psych report consultation,psych report overwhemling,psych report help
psych report consultation,psych report overwhemling,psych report help

It Can Be Overwhelming

  • Have you just reviewed your child's psychological evaluation and feel confused or overwhelmed?

  • Is the assessment hard to understand?

  • Is there technical jargon that you don't understand?

  • Don't know what to do next?